As a prosecutor, I developed a reputation as a fair but tough trial attorney.  I handled hundreds of cases from murder to domestic violence and as a result, I developed sharp trial and negotiation skills. Because of my love of the law and my strong belief in the justice system, I accepted the appointment on June 5, 2018, as the Delta County Prosecutor where I will continue to use my skills to fight for justice!

Experience and Background

Articles & Publications

Articles & Publications

How Plaintiffs Approach Lawsuits &
Mediation - June, 2013

Defense Attorney Strategies

The Failures of Poor Legal Strategies
- July, 2013

Forgotten Rights

How European Laws Influence America's
Laws - July, 2013

  • Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecutor
  • Adjunct Professor of Law - Criminal Practice 
  • Legal Commentary and Advisor - Television and Newspaper
  • Trail Techniques Instructor - Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan
  • Insanity Defense Expert
  • Cold Case Trial Lawyer and Investigator
  • Violent Crime Task Force Member - Murder, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping